Flute Recital by Saurabh Vartak at TMCP Centre Bavdhan

In August 2018, Baithak invited Saurabh Vartak, a promising and young energetic flautist, to interact with the children and the community, and present his art in an hour long session. He was supported on the Tabla by Unmesh Banerjee.
Saurabh presented a detailed exposition of Raag Bhoop, beginning with the Alaap – Jod, and then two compositions in medium paced 10 beat rhythm cycle (Zhaptaal) and fast paced 16 beat rhythm cycle (Teentaal).
He improvised the Raag with discipline and subtlety. Many children voluntarily sat as close to Saurabh as they could, watching him make music from a seemingly trivial bamboo piece. They were wonderstruck, that the bamboo flute, an instrument with very basic construction and design had the potential to portray a vast spectrum of musical sounds.
About 30-40 children and 10-15 elders attended the concert. Post concert, both the artists interacted with the students. They talked about their instruments and how to play them. Children hesitated to ask questions in the beginning, but eventually opened up.
Saurabh and Unmesh were very happy after the concert and wholeheartedly mentioned that they would love to perform frequently at such unconventional locations. Baithak finds it encouraging when artists look forward to creating such experiences again and again, and it reaffirms Baithak’s faith in the power of music to transform lives.


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