The power of Indian Traditional Music 

What are the biggest challenges of this century?

How does music help us?

Why is music critical in human society?

Why work with children?

All our work focusses on these three key aspects.

The APT Project

Anubhav ~ Inspire

Parichay ~ Engage

Taleem ~ Develop

Bringing joy in learning spaces since 2016. Currently operational at 20 schools and centers in Pune and Solapur.
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Would you like to bring the joy of ITM to children? We need your generous support!

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Pune Kabir Festival

From curating the five main events of the festival to a week-long engagement with schools, educational centers and community spaces to executing a festival that was nuanced in it’s approach – all done with volunteers!
The web page of the festival with full details.

Talking with Tradition

Understanding Indian Art and Craft systems

Baithak’ Knowledge wing in collaboration with Dakshina Dvaraka Foundation curated an immersive using tradition as framework for empathy to expand our view of Kalā and Kārigiri.
We are organising the 2023 Edition on 7th and 8th October.

Tune IN

A series of highly interactive sessions curated for a completely novice audience, focussed on appreciation of Hindustani Khayal and Carnatic Music.
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Curated Concerts

Tastefully and thoughtfully curated house concerts. Every Baithak creates a lasting memory of bonding over great music.
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Baithak Musium

Curated archival material through stories. Listen to exhibitions by young musicians by and a long list of Rāgs and Artists.
Go to Musium!

Bandish Bank Project

A bank of Khayal (vocal) compositions. A project that began in May 2020 to support artists during the global pandemic.
Would you support dialogues and open forums that engage with Indian Traditional Arts? Would you support research that aims to better understand Indian Knowledge systems?

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What’s New?

Our latest book speaks about the life of a disciple with his master. To book a copy click here.
An illustrated book on Pt. Firoz Dastur. To book a copy click here.

Have you checked our exhibitions on Google Arts and Culture?

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