Kathak Recital by Rujuta Soman at iTeach Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj School

The last concert at iTeach RSM presented a Kathak performance by renowned Kathak artist, Rujuta Soman. This concert became another example where a classroom concert became such an immersive experience. Around 50 students had signed up for this concert, and they were neatly seated in rows along with a couple of teachers in the classroom. During the entire performance, Rujuta tai’s rigorous riyaaz was evident from her ease and speed.

Rujuta tai started the performance with a Vandana, after which she presented Neel Taal, a taal of seven-and-a-half beats. She told the students an interesting story of how the taal, conceptualized by the great Kathak maestro Pta. Rohini Bhate, got its name. Dazzling chakkar-s and tihaayee-s was the highlight of this performance. Rujuta tai concluded the performance with a gat-bhaaw depicting the mythological story of Raja Daksha’s daughter.

After the performance, she opened the session for interaction. She also constructed a small game for the students to demonstrate the abhinaya part of dance. The game went like passing an object to one’s neighbour while depicting a specific emotion. Students absorb more when they learn through active participation. The game was fun for the students, and they also got introduced to an important aspect of the dance form.



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