Baithak Foundation believes that music exposure and education are as important as mainstream education.

Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

The Cause

For long we have believed that art connects people irrespective of the divides and the varied backgrounds. When we speak of artists we assume that they are a homogeneous gathering of art loving humans who instantaneously come together in the wonderment of the aesthetic beauty; undermining the presence of diverse cultural and social backgrounds. The presumption that the art world is barrier free makes it difficult for us to fathom the reality that art is equally affected by social and cultural discourses which are majorly based on exclusion and exclusivity.

Connoisseurs have highly appreciated Indian Classical Music for it’s beauty and ability to allow oneself to go deeper within oneself. It has been celebrated for not only being entertaining but also meditative. However Indian Classical Music has always been for classes rather than for masses – a discourse which has shaped through the years of cultural conditioning.

We wish to take classical music to masses in a meaningful way. We believe that this art has the potential to help us reconfigure ourselves in such a manner that it can potentially change the way in which we receive ourselves and the world around us. Baithak recognizes a strong need to provide exposure and access to this art form to communities and classes which have for long been denied the same by creation and existence of myths that define the art form.

Classical Music Festivals define the cultural richness of Indian cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai etc; but they have an appeal only for a certain class of audience. No music festival (barring few) is something that a middle class individual can afford. This music does not even reach the underprivileged. No matter how technology has evolved but, the cultural barrier between various sections of the society remains. It is ironic that music which we believe can bond the greatest divides and connect numerous beings has itself stayed above a glass ceiling.

We aim to take Indian Classical Music to every Indian who has been deprived of it.

Dr. Poorva Shah has been associated with Baithak Foundation since its inception. She has performed and conducted workshops on Kathak in Baithak’s partner schools.  In this video, she talks about her work with children from some of the most underprivileged sections of the society.

How can one idea transform a world? Hear St. Pranita Madkaikar, CEO of Tara Mobile Creches, Pune speak about how Baithak’s initiatives have brought new life in their centres.