1. भयी बैरन मोरी रतिया, ताल : एकताल, लय : मध्य 
Bhayi bairan ratiya, Taal: Ektaal, Laya: Madhya
भयी बैरन मोरी रतिया
कल ना परत घरी पल
उनबिन मैका आलीरी|
जब से गये परदेस
नींद मोरी उचट जात
रसदास तुमरे बिन
निकस जिया मोरा जात||
This composition has been contributed by Sugandha Laturkar. 
Other Comments: 

This Patmanjiri is composed by Pt. Arun Kashalkar. Here is a recording of him singing the same.

One can find the notation for the same in the book titled ‘Rasadas ki Bandishe’, that contains various bandishes composed by Pt. Arun Kashalkar. 

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