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Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

Guidelines for Submitting compositions to the Bandish Bank

The Bandish Bank Project aims at creating a repository of bandishes old-new, sung-unsung of composers known-unknown.

If you wish to participate in the project here are some guidelines.

Primary Guidelines:

1. Download this Excel Sheet and please fill in the details of compositions that you would like to submit. We will crosscheck your list with the database of Bandishes already received and let you know which ones need to be recorded. Record them only post selection of the bandishes.

2. No audio recording to be more than 3 minutes.

3. The recording must be of good quality where you can hear tanpura and tabla clearly.

4. The recordings must be of bandishes only. No aalap, taans or badhat of any kind.

5. Please type the lyrics of the bandishes in Devnagri and mail them to us in a Word Document.

6. After the list of bandishes is finalised we will need a sample recording of any one bandish to assess the quality of the recording.

7. We will check the recordings for accuracy of lyrics and pronunciation. Please send us your images of reference books if any and we will check the notation too.

8. While naming the recording file, please include lyrics of Bandish, Raga Name and Your name in the filename.

Selection Process:

1. The list of bandishes that a participant sends will be crosschecked with an existing database to avoid repetition of bandishes.

2. The recording quality will be assessed before accepting the entry and making the final upload on the website.

3. Please share the specialities of a bandish, if any. For example any speciality of the sam of the bandish, exclusion or inclusion of specific notes etc.

4. Please mention the links of live concert recordings or name of the book in which one can find the notation of the bandishes that you have recorded.

5. We will need information like raga, taal, laya, composer (if known) etc. so that it allows the listener to get full benefit.

6. If any composer, listener or musician raises any objection on the recording; Baithak will have to take down the same in public interest specifically respecting the views of composers.

7. As regards taranas; we will need the recording to finalise the selection as reading words in this case does not help us to understand differences between taranas.

Other Details:

1. Do send us an introduction to yourself in 5-6 sentences along with a good quality photo.

2. We will also need your Bank account details with Account Number and IFSC code to transfer you the honorarium.

3. All musicians who send more than 10 bandishes will be featured on Baithak’s website.

4. The honorarium for each bandish (recording + lyrics) is INR 200. This payment will be done to the musician who participates in the project or to anyone whom he or she recommends.

5. Share recordings via GoogleDrive or WeTransfer only.

6. Please do not share anything on WhatsApp.

For queries please mail or message us at.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Will self composed bandishes be accepted?

Ans: Yes. However, currently in a batch of 10 compositions we are accepting 2 self composed bandishes. When you make the list please keep this proportion in mind.

Q.2. Is sending a notation compulsory?

Ans: If the bandishes are from books are please share the names of such books. If you have these books so send us images of notations, so that we crosscheck once from our end. If the bandishes are not notated at all or if you don’t know where these notations can be available; please mention so.

Q.3. What is the status about copyright of these recordings?

Ans: The copyright remains with the singing artist and will be shared by Baithak Foundation (as this is commissioned work). Baithak Foundation commits to Creative Commons. Thus these recordings will not be monetised and will be available on Baithak Foundation’s website for free public use.

Q.4. What is the future project plan?

Ans: The project is presented here in its entirety. There is no future plan that is hidden from the participants of the project.

Q.5. Are all kinds of bandishes being accepted for the project? For example: Chaturang, Tarana, Vilambit Khayal, Drut Khayal etc.

Ans: Yes. All types of compositions which are sung in Indian Classical Music will be accepted. For Taranas, and other similar types of compositions we will have to finalise the entry only after we receive the recording; as reading the words is not enough to know if a composition is available with us.

Q.6. If I don’t know any needy artist to whom I can gift my earnings from this project; will Baithak Foundation help finding one?

Yes, Baithak Foundation will be happy to look for an artist  to whom you can donate the earnings. Such artists may be vocalists, accompanists, instrumentalists or any musician working in the domain of Hindustani Classical Music or Dhrupad.