Bandish in Raga Basant Mukhari

1. हे भवानी जगतजननी, ताल: तीनताल, लय: मध्य 


हे भवानी जगतजननी
भयहारिणी भवतारिणी |


सुरसुंदरी गौरी दयानी
कमलनयनी विघनविनाशिनी

आयो शरन चरन रसदास अब
कीजो मोपे मेहेर की नजर तुम ||

Other Comments: 

This is a bandish composed by Pt. Arun Kashalkar.

One can find the notation of the same in his book titled, ‘Rasadas ki Bandishe’. 

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