Baithak Foundation believes that music exposure and education are as important as mainstream education.

Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

Pune Kabir Festival 2024

The annual celebration of saint poetry is back!

साईं इतना दीजिये, जामे कु टुंब समाये ।

मैं भी भूखा न रहूँ, साधू न भूखा जाए ।।

Humans are rarely satisfied with what they have. The most common reaction of the human mind to achievement is not satisfaction, but craving for more. Time and again the wise amongst humans have advocated the need for having enough. What is enough? Is it something that is so subjective that we can never arrive at a definitive answer or is it something that we can collectively define? When do we say we have enough?

With the world continuing to spin at an unimaginable speed we invite you to pause and ask: What is enough?

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tsu

We invite you to reflect upon the timeless question. What is enough? When is it enough? How much is enough?

बड़ा हुआ तो क्या हुआ, जैसे पेड़ खजूर। 

पंथी को छाया नहीं, फल लागे अति दूर।।

Let us do this collectively, in remembrance, through the medium of arts.

The annual street walk that literally brings the message of the saints to the streets!

The most vibrant space of PKF what invites the community to share their interpretation of the theme!

PKF is a celebration of the spirit of community and thus there will be many many artists who will join this collective expression of joy.

Did you know that Kabir had visited Maharashtra and he has a place of pride in the annual WAARI tradition? This year we will hear stories and bhajans that highlight this connection.

Bhajananand Shri. Dhananjay Vilasrao Olekar – a renowned singer, received his primary singing education from Sangit Visharad Balasaheb Ji Kumbar and later studied Visharad with Sangit Alankar Radhakrishna Garad Guruji. He was awarded as Bhajanand by Appasaheb Vaskar Varkari Community ,Kolhapur and as Varkari Singer by Karnataka State Communal Association.

Shree. Goraksha Maharaj Daund – Completed Visharad under music ornament Vishnu Buwa Solanke, disciple of Pandit Shri. Ulhas Ji Kashalkar Sir. He was honoured with ‘Warkari Gaik Award’ by Beed District Warkari Community.

Shri. Chakradhar M. Shinde – Completed Alankar under the guidance of Pt. Shri. Ramdas ji Bhoyar.

Shri. Mohan Maharaj Ghule – Primary Education from Mridanga Maharishi Pandurang Maharaj Vaidya. Later, he completed his graduation from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya under the guidance of Visharad Shri Ramesh Ji Maharaj Gore Guruji.

Priya Purushothaman, mentored in the Agra gharana by Vidushi Aditi Upadhya, Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik, and the esteemed Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, stands as a distinguished Hindustani vocalist renowned worldwide. With a career spanning two decades, she’s graced prestigious global venues and collaborated with Grammy-winning composers and musicians.

Yuji Nakagawa – Yuji Nakagawa, a Japanese-born sarangi player, has studied with instrument maestros across India for over 16 years. He studied under Pt. Dhruba Ghosh and received technical guidance from Ustaad Faiyaz Ali Khan and Shri Sangeet Mishra.

Shruteendra Katagade – Shruteendra Katagade is a tabla player and educator. A student of Pandit Yogesh Samsi, and Pandit Sushil Kumar Jain, Shruteendra specialises in learning and reviving the Punjab Gharana in performance. He is known for his sensitive playing for vocal music, and has played with several top vocalists and instrumentalists in Hindustani music.

Sooraj Nambiar – Sooraj Nambiar, mentored by Padmabhooshan Shri Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar, excels in Kutiyattam and Chakyar Koothu under revered Gurus GVenu, Ammannur Parameswara Chakyar, and Ammannur Kuttan Chakyar. He has awarded K.P. Narayana Pisharodi Suvarna Mudra (2012) and Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar (2009).

Kalamandalam Rajeev: Mizhavu diploma holder, 35 years of performing globally in Kutiyattam and Nangiarkuthu. He is the recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Khan and Kerala Sangeet Nataka Akademy awards.

Kalamandalam Vijay V, a skilled artist with a postgraduate degree from Kerala Kalamandalam, excels in Mizhavu with a decade of experience. Recognized with government fellowships, he actively participates in traditional performances like Chakyarkoothu and Koodiyattam.

Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan, a seasoned Idykka artiste, began mastering Chenda at 10. With expertise in Kutiyattam and international performances, he specializes in diverse percussion forms under renowned mentors.

Kalamandalam Vyshak, pursuing a Ph.D. in Kathakali chutty, boasts a Post Graduation and over a decade’s tutelage under eminent masters at Kerala Kalamandalam. Awarded the Kerala Government Diamond Jubilee Fellowship in 2017, Vyshak excels in Kathakali and Koodiyattam performances.

Excited to announce our many partners who enable this work. They are the community like each one of you who partake in this joy of conscious questioning and collective searching.

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Every year PKF curates a series of diverse workshops which allow participants to delve into the different dimensions of the theme. Below are the details of the workshops planned.

जो जल बाढ़े नाव में, घर में बाढ़ै दाम ।
दोनों हाथ उलीचिये, यही सयानों का काम ।।

Every year PKF has a theme and the main aim of the festival is to engage with the theme through singing, dancing, reading and also through quiet reflections. These theme booklets hold words from various saints, beautiful illustrations and some music. 

Grateful to  Bansuri Foundation who has generously supported the endeavour! 
PKF is made with a lot of love. It is generosity of individuals which enables this work.