Baithak Foundation believes that music exposure and education are as important as mainstream education.

Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

Moments With A Master

Sharing memories etched in our hearts forever.

Baithak Foundation is deeply thankful to the entire Sardeshmukh family for their loving support.

“How long you sing is not important. Sing just one note; but sing it with the totality of your being. Whatever you have to say, can be said in a single note.”

Pt. Vijay Sardeshmukh (23 June 1952 – 5 Oct 2019)

About the Author

Mandar Karanjkar is an author, speaker and a communications consultant. A Mechanical Engineer by education and a communicator at heart he reconnected with his passion for Indian Classical Music in his college days.

An author with three books and an active blog to his credit, Mandar deeply believes in the power of sharing stories. His musical pursuit too is rooted in this belief. He is the co-founder of Baithak Foundation, an NGO working to build artistic foundations to create a joyful and humane society.

To read Mandar’s blog or to connect with him visit –

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The proceeds from this endeavour will be devoted to create a Sangeet Sadhana residency for young musicians.

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