Indian Classical Music Workshops

Teaching Indian Classical Music to Kids : Some Insights from our recent workshop in Pune

Teachers who try to teach Indian Classical Music to kids, especially to the ones below the age of 10 to 12 years, find it difficult to keep the kids motivated and engaged. It is a common experience that after a few months of training, the kids get bored with just singing Sa, Re, Ga, Ma […]

Baithak @ Classes Initiative Past Events

First Baithak at World City Construction Site, Charholi

Baithak Foundation started Indian Classical Music (ICM) concerts at the Ganga Legend construction site in July 2017. The response form children and labourers has ben equally exciting and satisfying. It is through our collaboration Tara Mobile Creches Pune, our partner organisation who runs centres at multiple construction sites in Pune where children of construction labourers […]

Appreciating Indian Classical Music

How to listen to an Indian Classical Music Concert?

Giving a performance or a concert is a lot of things put together. It’s presentation, expression and skill at the same time. Yet it is spontaneous. How does one listen to a concert is important from two perspectives. The first perspective is as audience and the other as a performer. If I listen from the […]