Sarod Recital by Abhishek Borkar at TMCP Kondhwa Centre

Baithak Foundation is working towards bringing Indian Classical Music (ICM) to the masses, and promoting it as a way of life, rather than only a performing art form. From municipal schools and construction sites to upscale locations and bungalows, Baithak openly welcomes everyone who wishes to know more about ICM and other allied art forms. Tara Mobile Crèches Pune (TMCP), an organisation which sets up mobile crèches at construction sites across Pune, is working with dedication to ensure well being of the construction workers and their families.
TMCP has collaborated with Baithak Foundation since last year to conduct classical music concerts at their centres. This year Baithak is organising ICM concerts at 4 such centres in and around Pune. Baithak and TMCP strongly believe that exposing children and workers to ICM would help them ensure their well being, who otherwise lead very stressful and monotonous lives. Music definitely brings joy and calmness in their lives.
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Abhishek Borkar, a young talented musician was invited by Baithak for the concert at Clover – Kondhwa, the first at this venue. Abhishek is a sarod artist, and has had rigorous training in music from his father, Pt. Shekhar Borkar. Abhishek was performing for the first time for such audience. He was accompanied on the Tabla by Aashay Kulkarni, a disciple of Pt. Suresh Talwalkar. Abhishek and Aashay’s passion and sincerity towards their music was evident in the performance, as they presented a full-fledged Raag in the concert.
Abhishek chose Raag Hanskinkini, and performed Alaap-Jod-Zhaala, and two compositions in medium paced taal Zhaptaal (10 beats) and fast paced taal Teentaal (16 beats). Aashay’s precise accompaniment had the correct balance of ‘thekaa’ and musical dialogue with Abhishek. Around 80 students and 25 elders attended the concert.
It was very encouraging for Baithak that all children sat through the very first performance they were exposed to, and participated with enthusiasm in the interaction session that followed the performance. Many children showed interest in the instruments (sarod and tabla) and wanted to know how they are made, how they produce sound, etc. The program lasted for almost 80 minutes.
Audience of the first ever Baithak at the centre


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