Santoor Recital by Ninad Daithankar at TMCP Wagholi Centre

Santoor Concert by Ninad Daithankar at TMCP – Rohan Abhilasha, Lohagaon, 27-11-2018

by Mr. Sanjeev Naik

The Santoor recital by Ninad Daithankar on the 27th of November at Tara Mobile Creche Pune’s Rohan Abhilasha Lohagaon was a fascinating experience. The Crèche camp, though set somewhat away from the main roads, was eagerly waiting to host this unique event being conducted by Baithak. Even as the musicians were readying their instruments and tuning, little children were curious to see this unusual instrument and the sounds emanating from it. Soon the small children were joined by bigger kids and then adults who were equally excited to attend a musical performance at such close seating.

Once the musicians were settled with all the music systems in place, the performance began with the afternoon Raag, Bheempalaas, to suit the timing and atmosphere. What followed was a mesmerising performance from Ninad Daithankar and skilful accompaniment by Rohan Bhadsawale on the tabla. Ninad started with the Alaap-Jod as per the Santoor tradition, and thereafter presented three compositions in madhyalaya Roopak, drut Teentaal and ati-drut Teentaal. Rohan provided a good Tabla accompaniment, and was involved in the performance as much as Ninad.

The audience was captivated by the vibrant resonant movements on the strings, producing a flow of resonant notes (swar). Ninad demonstrated an entire range of variations in tempo, from a steady pace to a fast continuous movement, which held everyone spellbound. It was marvellous to watch both Ninad and Rohan themselves lost completely in their own music. All of us present wished it could go on forever.  At the end, children were curious to know how his instrument worked and could create such amazing sounds.

Though the attention span of the children was not as much as expected, it was definitely improved than the previous concerts, a good sign for Baithak and for the artists too! For the audience which had not been exposed to such amazing instruments and the performers, it was an eye and ear opening experience, away from the mundane noises which they are accustomed to in the construction sites.

(Written with inputs from Mr. Sanjeev Naik)



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