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Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

Bandish in Raga Puriya Kalyan

. अनहत नाद उपजो, ताल: चौताल, लय: मध्य 

Anahat naad upajo, Taal: Chautaal, Laya: Madhya


अनहत नाद उपजो जग में
ताको करू ध्यान मन में, घट में |


नाद कि संगत सो
सोच समझ सुछम सूर को
राखो गुरू बानी सो ||

This composition has been contributed by Meghana Sardar.

Other Comments: 

This Dhrupad is composition is composed by Pt. Uday Bhawalkar.

२. मोरे घर आजा, ताल: तीनताल, लय: मध्य

More ghar aa ja, Taal: Teentaal, Laya: Madhya


मोरे घर आजा सुरज सैयां मीत पियरवा |


तन मन धन सब तुम पर वारू, रसरंग दरस दिखाजा ||

This composition has been contributed by Madhavi Kelkar – Chakradeo.

Other Comments: 

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