Baithak Foundation believes that music exposure and education are as important as mainstream education.

Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

Artist Base

Under this section, you will find sample masterworks of great musicians from the world of Indian Classical Music, published purely for educational purpose. We are adding to the list regularly. If you would like to contribute any of your recordings for the benefit of students of music, please reach out. 

If there are any copyright concerns please write to us at baithakcommunity[at]gmail[dot]com

We are also curating detailed exhibits on artists. If an exhibition already exists for an artist, we have highlighted it. Please get in touch if you would like to curate an exhibition for this Musium. 

ArtistFeatured Recording
Abdul Aziz Khan, Veena Player
Abdul Halim Jafar Khan, Sitar Player
Abdul Karim Khan, Vocalist, Kirana Gharana
Abdul Wahid Khan, Vocalist, Kirana Gharana
Ahmedjan Thirakawa, Tabla player and Vocalist
Ali Akbar Khan, Sarod player, Senia Maihar Gharana
Allauddin Khan, Saord player, Senia Maihar Gharana
Aman Ali Khan, Vocalist, Bhendibazar Gharana
Amir Khan, Vocalist, Indore Gharana
Annapoorna Devi, Surbahar player, Senia Maihar Gharana
Asad Ali Khan, Vocalist, Agra Gharana
Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Vocalist, Patiala Gharana
Balasaheb Poochhwale, Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana
Banda Hussain Khan, Vocalist
Basavraj Rajguru, Vocalist, Kirana Gharana
Behre Buva, Vocalist
Bhalchandra Pendharkar, Vocalist
Bhargavram Achrekar, Vocalist
Bhaskarbuva Joshi, Vocalist
Bismillah Khan, Shehnai player
Chidanand Nagarkar, Vocalist, Agra Gharana
Chhote Ghulam Ali Khan, Vocalist, Quawwal Bachcha Gharana
Dinkar Kaikini, Vocalist, Agra Gharana
Durgabai Shirodkar
D. V. Paluskar, Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana
Faiyyaz Khan, Vocalist, Agra Gharana
Krishnarao Fulambrikar, Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana
Mallikarjun Mansur, Vocalist, Jaipur Gharana
Manik Verma, Vocalist, Kirana Gharana
Meera Banerjee, Vocalist, Patiala Gharana
Mogubai Kurdikar, Vocalist, Jaipur Gharana
Mohanrao Karve, Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana
Mukul Shivputra, Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana
Narayanrao Vyas, Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana
Nikhil Banerjee, Sitarist, Maihar Gharana
Nisar Hussain Khan, Vocalist, Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana
Nivruttibuva Sarnaik, Vocalist, Jaipur Gharana
Omkarnath Thakur, Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana
Padmavati Shaligram, Vocalist,
Rais Khan, Sitarist, Imdadkhani Gharana
Rajab Ali, Vocalist,
Rajabhau Kogje, Vocalist
Ram Marathe, Vocalist
Ram Narayan, Sarangi
Ramashray Jha, Vocalist
Rasiklal Andharia, Vocalist
Rasoolanbai, Vocalist
Ravishankar, Sitarist
Rehmat Khan, Vocalist
Roshanara Begum, Vocalist
Salamat Ali-Nazakat Ali, Vocalist, Sham-Chaurasi Gharana
Saraswati Rane, Vocalist
Saraswatibai Mirajkar, Vocalist
Sardabai Kardekar, Vocalist
Sawai Gandharva, Vocalist
Sharadchandra Arolkar, Vocalist
Sharafat Hussain Khan, Vocalist
Sharan Rani, Sarod
Shivrambuva Vaze, Vocalist
Siddheshwari Devi, Vocalist
Sunanda Patnaik, Vocalist
Umrao Bindoo Khan, Vocalist
Usha Chipalkatti, Vocalist
V A Kagalkar, Vocalist
Vasantrao Deshpande, Vocalist
Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Vocalist
Vijay Sardeshmukh, Vocalist
Vilayat Hussain Khan, Vocalist
Vilayat Khan, Sitarist
Vinayak Patwardhan, Vocalist
Wamanrao Sadolikar, Vocalist
Wasim Ahmed Khan, Vocalist
Yashwantbuva Joshi, Vocalist
Zohrabai Agrewali, Vocalist