Baithak Foundation believes that music exposure and education are as important as mainstream education.

Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

Music and Masti

Music & Masti is an educational podcast that engages children ages 7 and above with the world of Hindustani music. 

Learn about Hindustani music through the eyes of siblings Sahana and Hamir, whose playful banter and conversations lead to learnings about sound, music, rhythm, melody and more. This podcast aims to make Hindustani music accessible to children by bringing joy and laughter into the learning process while shaping practical music skills and analytical thinking applicable in all disciplines.

Each episode features different learning activities, including melodic and rhythmic exercises, listening skills, and actual singing, supplemented by an activity book that teachers and parents can use to review the concepts of each episode. The podcast also features a theme sing-along song that is taught and practiced over all the episodes.

Season 1 of Music & Masti is supported by the R.H. Sapat Foundation.

Episode 1: What is music?

Meet siblings Sahana and Hamir and learn about their interests, quirks, and quibbles! In this episode, Sahana and Hamir explore the differences between sound and music. By listening to various sounds, the duo come to conclusions about the nature of music and identify Sahana’s favourite style of music!

Includes: Listening exercises (within the episode); Follow-up Questions in Activity Book

Episode 2: The Story of Hindustani Music

Sahana and Hamir explore different styles of music from around the world, leading to more discussion around Hindustani music. Sahana narrates a famous tale from the history of Hindustani music, and then teaches Hamir one of her favorite songs that explains some of the basic concepts of this style. 

Includes: Sing & repeat with song; Follow-up Questions in Activity Book

Episode 3: What are Notes?

Sahana explains the concept of notes, the alphabets of music, to Hamir. They explore the seven notes, their names, and how they sound. They return to the song Sahana had taught Hamir in the previous episode and learn more, connecting the dots between the song and their learnings about notes.

Includes: Listen & Repeat note exercise; Sing & Repeat with Song; Follow-up Questions in Activity Book

Episode 4: Playing with Notes!

Now that Hamir knows what notes are, he has many questions for his sister! Sahana explains the many different ways in which notes can move to form different patterns. She also shares the importance of the tanpura, an instrument that is essential to Indian classical music. 

Includes: Listening exercise; Sing & Repeat with Song; Follow-up Questions in Activity Book

Episode 5: Sahana’s Music Class!

Sahana and Hamir venture out to Sahana’s music class, a new outing for Hamir. Hamir hears new sounds at the class and probes his sister to explain further. Sahana explains the concept of shuddh (natural), komal (flat),  and tivra (sharp) notes, exploring and demonstrating the full gamut of notes used to create all music. 

Includes: Sing-along with song; Follow-up Questions in Activity Book

Episode 6: The Raag

Sahana brings all the learnings about notes together to explain the important concept of Raag to Hamir.  She shares snippets of different raag-s to him and the two finish learning the Sa Pa Sa song. 

Includes: Sing & Repeat with Song; Follow-up Questions in Activity Book

Episode 7: The Rocking World of Rhythm!

Join Sahana and Hamir for an action packed train ride to Borivali. The siblings explore the concepts of rhythm, beats, taal and the special language of the tabla, along with a round up of the other rhythm instruments of the world. 

Includes: Listen & Repeat Rhythms; Listen & Repeat tabla sounds; Follow-up Questions in Activity Book

Episode 8: The Musical Sandwich

After recapping the newly learned concepts of rhythm and learning about tempo, Sahana and Hamir see how all these components along with notes, melody and lyrics come together to form a song!

Includes: Listening exercise; Sing & Repeat with Song; Follow-up Questions in Activity Book