Baithak Foundation believes that music exposure and education are as important as mainstream education.

Since 2016, we are working towards creating a society with equitable music access and learning opportunities for children from the most marginalised communities.

The APT Project

Baithak’s flagship initiative started as a pilot in 2015. The program has been through different phases and has evolved to become the APT Project as of today. The program identifies two problems that can be addressed through a single initiative.

The program is layered and engages with the natural curiosity of children. We believe in curating a deep experiences for children that will be etched in their memory. Thus the program design is nuanced and every step is closely assessed for the value it can add to the experience.

The program aims to bring JOY in learning spaces, as we all know how learning is hampered by stress, fear and lack of excitement. The APT Project creates a joyful pocket within schools/community centers which enables holistic learning.

The success of the APT Project lies in the growing requests to bring this program to more schools, all through positive word of mouth.

Also, all our partners work with us for minimum 3 year extending into an on-going engagement that goes beyond counting years. We are proud to be learning partners in all the spaces we work with. Educators highly value the program and constantly request us to do more!

The children and the artists enjoy the most! Most artists share stories of deep learning and awareness whereas children speak of pure joy, excitement and fun!

In October 2023 is reached a new milestone. We curated 100 Anubhav sessions for 40 schools/community centers. It would have not been possible without the support of all stakeholders and a fabulous team!

You can choose to support as an individual, as a group of friends or through CSR. Baithak is compliant to receive donations from all these sources.

No amount is small for us! We encourage monthly retail donations and engage with all who wish to contribute to this cause!

If you wish to engage in the APT Project in more meaningful ways, please write to us at